Friday, August 27, 2010


when i'm arrived in the world
i remember your smile
to welcome your baby
baby of  your flesh and blood
you buckle me with your affection
you hug me with your love
you say all your hope

I like your pawn
that you want to move me to get a victory
victory in this hard life

maybe  I don't think
when you're mad at me
that's when you show me your affection,your love

time passed
now we are separated between the two islands
but your wise figure still in my heart
maybe hard to my tongue to say "I love you, dad"
maybe my attitude always ignore your advice that make you angry
or maybe,i always deny my promise to you and then i make youdissapointed
listen to me,dad
behind your son's harsh heart
behind your son's bad attitude
"He love you"
more than you know
maybe through this poem
you will know
I love u

" This poem may not mean anything on your birthday, but I promise one day I will give something special to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,pi"

 (ne waktu bokap ultah,gw kasi puisi ini,hehe so swit ya?skali2 gapapa lah)

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